Open doors to the market for minimally invasive devices: A Shanghai company relies on Bumotec

Shanghai Medical Instruments (Group) Co., Ltd.

In the vast city of Shanghai, home to many international companies and firms which are well established on the national market, one such company has met with great success in the medical industry since 1928. Hidden away in the rather traditional environment of the suburbs of Shanghai, this prosperous business has been tireless in its pursuit of growth.

Shanghai Medical Instruments (Group) Co., Ltd. is a company in the Yuwell Group. Thanks to its four medical instrument production plants – including three finished product workshops and one workshop dedicated to forging, surface finishes and heat treatments – the company produces over 10 million parts which are used in hospitals throughout China and also in some developing countries. With a product catalogue of over 8000 items, its flagship brand JZ has won many awards including the "Shanghai Famous Trademark" and "Shanghai Famous Product" awards; JZ is the leading brand in the China Association for Surgical Instruments, which enables it to remain in constant contact with its end users and thereby plan future developments.